Seen on the Wall: “They Just Get Us”

At Big Idea we believe that words and images have power. The power to motivate, educate and inspire. In our offices we surround ourselves with words and images that have meaning and pass our values on to the entire team.

One of them is “They Just Get Us”. It is one of our most important accolades. We hear it time and time again.

In a world where creative agencies and marketing strategists abound, the most critical thing we can do is to understand our client’s brand/s and audiences. Regardless of the industry, we make it our business to understand our client’s business and what makes them unique in their marketplace.

To us it seems simple. But proving that you “get it” is not. It means translating the client’s goals into effective marketing communications that they would have never imagined on their own but that mirror the ideals of their brands.

What motivates you and your team to succeed? What’s on your wall?

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