Redesigning an Icon

Entenmann’s Coffee Before and After

The challenge:
In 2007, Entenmann’s added a line of coffee products, a natural extension of their desserts and baked goods. It is a wonderful line of coffees that replicates and complements the famous flavors of their cakes. But this existing coffee line and packaging were relatively unknown in the marketplace. It was clear that the existing blue package had not captured the spirit or recognition of the brand.

The solution:
Big Idea Advertising developed a design that would better relate to the history of the brand and its well known cake packages. The new package design reprises the elements and colors that make the classic Entenmann’s cake packages so recognizable–while providing a clean and modern look.

The white background and strong focus on the classic product images were integral to the final design. Subtle elements like blue burlap texture and the blue rimmed cup bring clearly identifiable brand cues into play in the new design. Easy-to-read and metallic ink product identifiers help to distinguish the individual flavors and provide an upscale look.

The results:
The package received widespread praise during the Fancy Foods Show in July. It is expected to hit shelves at supermarkets in fall 2011.

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