QR Codes

QR Codes help drive audiences online, but need a hook.
A growing number of consumers are using smartphones to browse the web and companies are increasingly utilizing QR code technology as a promotional tool to turn offline advertising into measurable online traffic.

QR, or “Quick Response” codes are those square barcodes that provide smartphone users (with the right app) instant access to online content and contact information. The QR code image to the right provides not only access to the Big Idea Advertising website but also my name and phone number.

As with any promotion, QR codes must offer users a compelling reason to take the time to snap a picture of the code, and then visit the webpage or content. As companies become more creative, I am sure these promotions will extend well beyond a simple coupon code, white paper download or video.

Some are already pushing the envelope with their “Quite Racy”, QR promotions. A recent NYC Calvin Klein billboard boasted “uncensored” content, viewable only by snapping their QR code to gain access to a promotional video.

QR codes provide your company benefits by driving user traffic directly to internal pages within your website, bypassing your homepage, which may help improve your site’s rank in search engines.

QR codes are easy to implement and extremely inexpensive and when paired with a compelling, creative hook, they help drive traffic and leads and integrate your marketing, both online and off.

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