Big Idea: Website 2014

We’ve revamped our website for 2014 and for our 14th anniversary. In addition to showcasing our latest creative work, the new is brimming with current web features that you may want to consider for your own websites.

The Latest Big Idea Website Features:

A Responsive Framework The website design will dynamically adjust to the range of screen sizes and various platforms available today including desktops, tablets and phones.

HTML5 and CSS3 Technologies Allow for styling, animations, and functionalities that look great, offer good performance yet still manage to “gracefully degrade” in older browsers that do not support these features.

For example, our expandable search bar is much simpler in older versions of Internet Explorer.

Intelligent Blog Layout Utilizing cutting edge javascript technology, our blog posts are tagged and categorized so that you can simply click on the visual tags and filter the posts accordingly without ever needing to refresh the page.

Interactive Google Map Find our office and get directions simply. More helpful than simply providing address information- especially on mobile devices.

Modal Windows A pop-up image or video etc. that appears within the page you are in and not a traditional pop-up window that can be blocked. You can see how these function within our client gallery pages.

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