Advertising Agencies–Why is Small the New Big?

Small creative agencies of all kinds are growing. How is it that agencies under 100 people are so important to some very large brands?

Here are just some of the well demonstrated benefits smaller “boutique” agencies provide:

• High (or higher) levels of creative thinking

• The ability to take more risks

• Lower overhead

• Flexibility and speed

• Direct involvement from senior leaders

• Niche expertise, including digital

According to B2B Marketing Research, client-side B2B marketers believe creativity is the most important factor when choosing an agency.

According to Will Burns, contributor to Forbes, small agencies have a lot to offer large brands. “Today, perhaps more than at any time in my two decades in the advertising business, ideas are what matter most to businesses. Ideas are what turn around companies. Ideas are what motivate consumers. Ideas are what deposition the competition. The better the idea, in short, the safer the bet. …And, better yet, the founders will actually work on your business. Trust me, if you’re an unusually big account for a small agency, the founders will be all over it.”

See what small agencies have to offer. Start with a Big Idea.

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