Hale and Hearty | Consumer

Stirring up a Major Soup Brand.

A new store design built on the brand’s famous soup boards refreshed more than 20 stores and helped open new doors.


Hale and Hearty


Store Interior Design | Media Strategy and Planning | In Store Promotion | Print Advertising | Food Photography | Television Commercial | Soup Cup Design

The Challenge.

Hale and Hearty soups were loved by New Yorkers but they needed to refresh their brand image and redesign their stores to thrive in the fiercely competitive fast-casual market.

The Hale and Hearty brand needed to be fun with a sprinkle of homespun charm like their famous seemingly endless soup varieties.

The Solution

We made their famous daily soup chalkboards into a core brand element. Cheeky messaging and type treatments gave life to the high quality ingredients and processes. With professional food photography we made for savory images in posters, advertising and in-store branding.

Building brand identity

Signs and slogans

In-Store Appeal

The new store designs featured natural wood, brand colors and elements to take the historic look of the brand to a new and warmer level. The stores were so well received that it opened new real estate doors for the brand to expand.

Soup Varieties


The new Brooklyn store design became the template for the reconstruction of all the other Hale and Hearty stores .

Any closer to homemade and you'd be calling us “Mom”.

- Hale and Hearty

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