Techno-vation Packaging (SolPower)

Just when you think everything has been done–a big idea changes a common object into something truly innovative. Check out the SolPower, Solar Powered Umbrella. With its small solar cell powered usb ports, it keeps your phones and mobile devices powered while you are enjoying the great outdoors. So you can stay cool in the shade […]

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Art and Copy

At Big Idea we believe imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. That is why we couldn’t be more flattered than when we saw the new packaging designs for Duane Reade’s “Up Market” soup and frozen yogurt. The Duane Reade packages bear a striking similarity to Big Idea’s designs for Hale and Hearty, circa 2009, […]

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Classic Crackers

Big Idea recently redesigned the packaging for Hale and Hearty’s crowd-pleasing signature crackers. The new design is more elegant and warm with classic type styling and modern flair. It’s the perfect new suit for these tasty oyster crackers from Vermont. See more on Hale and Hearty

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