Have no Fear. Fobia is here.

FOBIA is a transformational program designed to empower top-producers to sell more, sell faster. and sell better. For sales leaders and their teams, and there is nothing quite like being there. Take your best sales people and FOBIA will make them better FOBIA needed an equally powerful brand and website–and turned to Big Idea. “Big Idea exceeded my expectations […]

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Advertising Agencies–Why is Small the New Big?

Small creative agencies of all kinds are growing. How is it that agencies under 100 people are so important to some very large brands? Here are just some of the well demonstrated benefits smaller “boutique” agencies provide: • High (or higher) levels of creative thinking • The ability to take more risks • Lower overhead […]

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Video Marketing Online

The internet presents unique opportunities for you to tell your brand story via video. It’s a television commercial that you don’t have to pay a cable channel to air. Today, do-it-yourself YouTube sensations with homespun video content are getting as many views as the Super Bowl halftime show–and reaping financial rewards. On your website, video […]

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Techno-vation Packaging (SolPower)

Just when you think everything has been done–a big idea changes a common object into something truly innovative. Check out the SolPower, Solar Powered Umbrella. With its small solar cell powered usb ports, it keeps your phones and mobile devices powered while you are enjoying the great outdoors. So you can stay cool in the shade […]

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